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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ferrin Gallery at SOFA New York 2010

FERRIN GALLERY exhibits at SOFA New York  

ReObjectification: ART + OBJECT
preview of group show of works in all media with links to their source inspiration

RSVP today for a general admission tickets left @ will call

BOOTH #300

The 13th International Exposition of Sculpture Objects & Functional Art is a gallery-presented, international art exposition dedicated to bridging the worlds of design, decorative and fine art.

Ferrin Gallery presents a preview of

Park Avenue Armory
Park Avenue at 67th Street
New York, NY, 10021

Friday & Saturday, April 16-17 - 11 am – 7 pm
Sunday, April 18 - Noon – 6 pm
Monday, April 19 - 11 am – 5 pm


Thursday evening, April 15, 2010
VIP Cardholders Preview - 5:30 - 9:00 pm -
Public Preview Gala - 7:00 - 9:00 pm - $100.00

Click HERE for a link to FerrinGallery.com

INBOOTH Artist Conversations

FRIDAY, April 16, 12:30 - 4:00
Ferrin Gallery Booth #300

Half hour discussions with artists about their work and inspirational source material in ReObjectification.

12:30 Roy Superior
1:00 Mara Superior
1:30 Lucy Feller
2:30 Raymon Elozua
3:00 Anat Shiftan
3:30 Christa Assad
4:00 Gerit Grimm

Photo Caption: Gerit Grimm, "Cupid & Psyche", 2010

Click HERE for a overview of the exhibition ReObjectification

PANEL DISCUSSION: ReObjectification in Postmodern Ceramics

Join artists Anat Shiftan, Gerit Grimm, Christa Assad and Greenwich House Pottery director Sarah Archer for a

conversation about postmodernism in ceramics. With its rich history and ability to mimic other materials, ceramics is an ideal medium for the interpretation and re-contextualization of one object into another. Whether by direct reference, the use of found objects in ceramic sculpture or realistic rendering, artists can layer meaning into their work. The artists, all represented by Ferrin Gallery, discuss their various techniques for appropriating imagery and form in clay and the inspiration behind their choices.

Sarah Archer
holds a BA from Swarthmore College and an MA in the history of decorative arts from the Bard Graduate

Center, and was a curatorial assistant at the Museum of Arts and Design before joining GHP.

ReObjectification in Postmodern Ceramics
Limited to 25 participants
11:30 am Monday, April 19


Click HERE to RSVP for VIP Events

Photo caption: Christa Assad, "Transformer Teapot", 2010

ReObjectification: Material


Using recycled steel to create recognizable domestic objects, Chandler has spent over thirty years making mildly humorous domestic objects from "road kill" metal.  John Deere tractor forgotten cast offs.  Welding parts together, he turns them into parts become "Deer Heads" and steel chemical drums become "Kimonos".  Scouring scrap yards and metal culled from roadsides, Chandler works intuitively to pull color and form from forgotten cast offs.  Welding parts together, he turns them into chairs, quilts and iconic objects. 

Chandler has made a career of ReObjectification.

Photo Caption: Gordon Chandler, "Rusty Blue", Steel Drum, 2009

Click HERE for a Link to Gordon Chandler @ FerrinGallery.com

ReObjectification: Eroticism and Sexuality

Traditional ceramic figurines were often used to convey "G" rated content.  This format is
easily uprated and updated to "R" and "X" in the hands of contemporary artists. Humorous use of the implied and obvious "tall tale (tail)" combined with "tongue in cheek" ironic wit is at the core of the work by Dean Adams, Chris Antemann and Gerit Grimm.

Photo caption: Chris Antmann, "Paradise", Detail, 2010

Click HERE for a link to Chris Antemann @ FerrinGallery.com

ReObjectification: Object

3D to 3D - architecture, object and contemporay design translated into another 3D art object is how many artists use source material.  Choosing an object and then exploring meaninng, use, form and content through sculpture is how Christa Assad, Emmett Leader, Kurt Weiser, Gerardo Monterrubio, Roy Superior, Jason Walker "reobjectify" one 3D object into another.

Photo Caption: Jason Walker, "Stopping to sniff the flowers...",
Click HERE for a link to Jason Walker @ FerrinGallery.com

ReObjectification: Photography

Photographers who use digital technology to examine image and object sources include collage style compositions by Lucy Feller and abstractioninsm through still lifes by Raymon Elozua.

Photo caption: Lucy Feller, Digital Photography

Click HERE for a link to Lucy Feller @ FerrinGallery.com

ReObjectification: Art

Exploring art by another artist by literally objectifying a 2D painting or source is how Mara Superior and Myungjin Kim approached ReObjectification, Kim through dutch still life painting and Superior through a New Yorker cover by Saul Steinberg. 

Photo Caption: Mara Superior, "Piggy Bankers", Detail
Click HERE for Mara Superior @ FerrinGallery.com

ReObjectification Continues ....

ReObjectification: ART + OBJECT

selected works of sculpture, photography and painting showing @

Art Chicago
April 30–May 3

The International Fair of Contemporary and Modern Art
preview: Thursday, April 29, 5–8
The Merchandise Mart, 12th Floor
Chicago, IL

The complete exhibition with works by all thirty artists in all media opens @

Ferrin Gallery
May 15–June 13
reception: Saturday, May 29, 4–6
437 North Street
Pittsfield, MA

Click HERE for link to ArtChicago

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