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Friday, March 5, 2010

THE HEMAPHRODITES: Living in Two Worlds

The Hermaphrodites: Living In Two Worlds
Group Show of Figural Ceramic Sculpture 
Curated by Leslie Ferrin
March 5 - May 1, 2010
Reception: Friday, March 5 from 5-8pm
Wexler Gallery, Philadelphia

The Hermaphrodites: Living In Two Worlds focuses on figural sculpture that both embodies the literal definition of hermaphrodites (encompassing both genders) and the conceptual nature of the term as it applies to sculpture that can be categorized equally as contemporary fine art sculpture or decorative art. The exhibition concentrates on contemporary artists working with ceramics, who also adopt other processes, materials, and techniques commonly found outside of their discipline.

WEXLER GALLERY is an internationally recognized gallery exhibiting the finest in art and design, located at 201 North Third Street in the historical district of Old City Philadelphia. The gallery is proud to showcase some of the world's most esteemed artists working in the fields of contemporary glass, paintings, and design, alongside emerging talent from these fields.

The Hermaphrodites: Living In Two Worlds coincides with the 44th annual National Council for Education on the Ceramic Arts Conference (NCECA) in Philadelphia (March 31-April 3, 2010).

A second reception will take place on First Friday, April 2, 5 - 8 pm.

Photo Caption: Irina Zaytceva, Cats Cradle Vases, Porcelain

Click HERE to preview exhibition online

Strong Subject - Strong Sculpture

Twenty artists explore the subject by making connections to concepts such as Peter Pan -  Red Weldon Sandlin, eroticism and gender identity - Chris Antemann, psychology - Tip Toland, anthropomorphism - Jason Briggs

According curator Leslie Ferrin:
"The artists in this exhibition produce sculpture that is categorically often confusing when placed in private or public collections. Depending on the curatorial mission of the institution or vision of the collector, works by these artists can be found in contemporary collections of fine art, decorative arts and even at times, design. The title of the show was chosen to first draw attention from its social meaning and then challenge its interpretation from various metaphorical perspectives."

Photo Credit: Tip Toland, Tender Flood, 2010, stoneware, paint, chalk pastel , 9 x 39 x 14 inches
Click HERE for full view image of Tip Toland's Tender Flood

Sculptors - Works on Paper - Prints & Photography

Sergei Isupov - selected works from his series of vitreographs

Chris Antemann - detail photographs of sculpture by photographer, Kendrick Moholt.

Photo Credit: Sergei Isupov, Buzz, Edition of 30, 2000, 24 x 18"
Click HERE for link to Sergei Isupov's prints

Photo Credit: Kendrick Moholt -Chris Antemann - Wardrobe Detail (Left), (photograph) edition of 10, 36 x 26"

Click Here for a Link to Chris Antemann photography at FerrinGallery.com

Introducing Emerging Artists

Jason Briggs
Anne Drew Potter
Gerit Grimm
Bridget Harper
Myungjin Kim
Kelly Garrett Rathbone

Photo Credit: Gerit Grimm, Deep in the Woods, 2010, Ceramic 20 x 9 x 9"
Click HERE for link to Gerit Grimm at FerrinGallery.com

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  1. Hi Leslie,

    Thanks for the comment. I love your gallery and have always looked to it for the best in contemporary ceramics, hence all the links. :)

    I wish I could make it to NCECCA this year, but can't quite pull it off. Maybe next year. Thanks for the invites, though. :) I bet your shows will be a blast!


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