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Saturday, March 27, 2010

FERRIN GALLERY @ NCECA Philadelphia - Opens Tuesday

Ferrin Gallery @ NCECA

GALLERY EXPO: Ferrin Gallery joins a select group of nationally known galleries showing at NCECA in Philadelphia at The Marriott (adjacent to the convention center) in an exhibit open to the public. 

Each year NCECA, National Conference of Educators in the Ceramic Arts, hosts an annual convergence that attracts as many as 4,000 artists, professionals and students. This year's conference in Philadelphia opens Tuesday, March 30 and continues through Saturday, April 2.

The gallery's focus @ the expo is on American Studio Pottery featuring an in-depth collection by emerging and established potters from across the country.

Bernadette Curran, PA
David Eichelberger, NE
Kristen Kieffer, MA
Michael Kline, NC
Michael McCarthy, MA
Brooke Noble, NY
Deborah Schwartzkopf, WA
Mark Shapiro, MA
Sam Taylor, MA
Shoko Teruyama, NC
Kurt Weiser, AZ

OPENING RECEPTION: 5 :30 to 7:00pm on Tuesday, March 30


Wednesday, March 31, 9:00am-5:00pm
Thursday, April 1, 9:00am-7:00pm
Friday, April 2, 9:00am-5:00pm

Adjacent to the Convention Center
Philadelphia Marriott Downtown
Liberty Ballroom, Salons A & B
1201 Market Street

Click Here for Link to NCECA page on FerrinGallery.com

ONVIEW: The Hemaphrodites @ Wexler Gallery

The Hermaphrodites: Living In Two Worlds
Group show of ceramic sculpture curated by Leslie Ferrin
Wexler Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

RECEPTION: First Friday, April 2 from 5-8 pm

Chris Antemann
Christie Brown
Beth Cavener Stitchter
Cynthia Consentino
Anne Drew Potter
Judy Fox
Gerit Grimm
Bridget Harper
Sergei Isupov
Myungjin Kim
Dana Major Kanovitz
Matt Nolen
Kelly Garrett Rathbone
Dirk Staschke
Tip Toland
Jason Walker
Kurt Weiser
Red Weldon Sandlin
Irina Zaytceva

Image caption: Tip Toland, Tender Flood, stoneware, paint, chalk pastel, 9 x 39 x 14 inches

Click Here to Link to HERMAPHRODITES on FerrinGallery.com

ONVIEW @ M�tter Museum

Mütter Museum, College of Physicians of Philadelphia
19 South 22nd Street

RECEPTION: First Friday, April 2 from 5:30-7 pm

GALLERY TALK: Saturday, April 3 from 3-5 pm

Corporeal Manifestations is a unique collaboration between the Mütter Museum and curator Sasha K. Reibstein, Assistant Professor of Art, Director of Ceramics Palomar College, which highlights artists who create traditional ceramic figurative work by exploring the psychology of our biological existence.

Image caption: Sergei Isupov, Halfway, 2008, porcelain, 16 x 20 x 9 inches
Click Here for a Link to the Mutter Museum Online


LECTURE: Selling Out
"How do you Sell Out without Selling Out?"
Friday, April 2, 2:30-3:30 pm
Ballroom A
Philadlephia Convention Center

Leslie Ferrin provides a visual tour of contemporary ceramic artwork on view in commercial settings with an amusing tour of gallery artists and their "sell out" stories along the way.

Click Here for a Link to NCECA and the Schedule of Events

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