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Monday, September 28, 2009


An online magazine based in the greater Capital Region and Hudson Valley regions of New York and western Massachusetts. We write about art, music and anything else that interests us. Great take on the visual arts in the Cultural Corridor(s)!


Great link to last week @ Pittsfield's 3rd Thursday - Chapter 2 - Focus Ferrin Gallery


Last Thursday Pittsfield, tomorrow and this Thursday @ DOWNSTREET North Adams - Ferrin Gallery artists along with those from Pittsfield and the region will be at the opening of HERE - “Ten Years of Re-Imaging North Adams"
MICHAEL ZELEHOSKI directly references the reuse of MASS MoCA by creating a "re-construction" from materials from gleaned from building 17.

Photo Caption: Michael Zeleshoski, Dodecadillion, 2009, 49 x 51"
GORDON CHANDLER'S photograph refers to the exhibit "Life After Death: New Leipzig Paintings from the Rubell Family Collection" on view at MASS MoCA from March 2005 to March 2006.


Photo Caption: Gordon Chandler, Mass MOCA 1/1, 2006,
21 x 28"
NICHOLAS WHITMAN'S three photographs were made in the former Sprague Electric Company after it had closed in the mid eighties and before it became MASS MoCA in 1999.

Photo Caption: Nicholas Whitman, Time Card Rack with Names – faux trompe l'oeil, 14 x 18"

HERE, the show Leslie Ferrin curated along with Ven Voisey and Jonathan Secor for MCLA's Gallery 51 opens during DOWNSTREET - a city wide series of art openings.


Artists include:
Scott Barrow, Kay Canavino, Gordon Chandler, Laura Christensen, Joan Diamant, Wendy James, Jaye Fox, Joe Fusaro, Wendy Goldberg, Amanda Hartlage, J.C. Jorgerst, Phelan Levall, Melanie Mowinski, John Mitchell, David Ricci, Greg Scheckler, Nicholas Whitman, and Michael Zelehoski.

If you miss it tomorrow, there is an Artist Salon at the gallery, moderated by Leslie Ferrin Thursday, October 8 @ 6 p.m.. The topic of discussion will be based off the theme of the show "Here". How has the creation of art and art institutions changed the city? What influence have the institutions had on what art is made here?

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