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Saturday, August 15, 2009

[Ferrin Gallery] Artist Focus: Richard Notkin

Richard Notkin Visiting Artist: Museum of Glass

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Richard Notkin, Helena, MT - is a visiting artist at the Museum of Glass, Tacoma, WA through August 16.  Notkin, a full-time studio artist who has worked primarily with ceramics for nearly forty years is perhaps best known for his series of unglazed stoneware teapots, inspired by the Yixing wares of China (circa 1500 AD to present), but consciously maintaining a separate cultural identity. While in the Hot Shop, Notkin plans to “continue my bent for strong social/political commentary which would best be actualized in the transparent medium of glass.”

Conversation with the Artist: August 16, 2 pm

Click here for link to visiting artist program

Click here for link to live action video feed 10 - 5:00 PST

Send Richard comments to be read live while he is in the shop.

Click Here for Link to Richard Notkin @ Ferrin Gallery.com

Richard Notkin at SOFA Chicago '09

Tile murals produced during his glass residencies this summer at Museum of Glass, Tacoma, WA and Bullseye Glass, Portland, OR will be presented at SOFA Chicago, November 5 - 9.

Richard Notkin, will be one of the artists featured in the group show presented at SOFA "The Illisculptors", artists who convey narrative content through a combination of illustration and sculpture. 

Other featured artists will include
Chris Antemann
Sergei Isupov
Myngjin Kim
Jason Walker
Kurt Wesier

Richard Notkin's on view in Teapots Interpretations

TEAPOTS: Interpretations
Group Show of Sculpture, Painting, Photography and Studio Pottery

Notkin's latest teapot is on view in Teapots: Interpretations, an exhibition featuring over one hundred teapots in all media including sculpture, painting and photography that depict or explore the teapot form. In addition to conceptual artwork, there is a great selection of functional teapots by studio potters from throughout the country.

Through September 5.

Heart Teapot: Ironclad Hostage II - Yixing Series
6.25 x 11.25 x 5.75"
Click here for link to FerrinGallery.com and Teapots

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